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Promoting a Christian confidence in learning, science and the arts
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To join one, get in touch, giving your email address and the group you're interested in. We'll return dates and venues of the next discussion meetings.

set up your own group

if you can't find a group near you, why not set up your own?

The format we've found best is an all day meeting, usually on a Saturday, from 10am until around 4pm.

keep it small

The best size for meetings has been around 8 - 10 people. This encourages dialogue and friendly exchange of ideas.


Court Oak Gospel & Culture Forum has grown out of meetings held between friends to discuss how their life and work relates to their Christian faith.

The aim is to find out how our Christian faith can illuminate and enrich our professional lives, and how in turn our faith can have an impact in our professions and the culture in which we live and work

The subject matter for the meetings arises naturally from the members' work and interests.Typical topics for discussion have included:

  Environmental responsibility
  Medical ethics
  English literature studies
  Books: e.g. Rowan Williams' "Lost Icons"

At each meeting, a member with an expertise in the subject chats for a while about certain issues, or may share other people's books or articles.

The group then discuss the issues raised, and examine them in the light of their Christian faith.

a suggested framework

In advance,
  choose two topics, one for the morning and one for the afternoon.
  circulate any relevant paperwork or suggestions for reading

On the day

  start with coffee, catch up with news and introductions

  one person introduces the topic, followed by discussion

  break for a leisurely lunch around 1pm (this can be bring and share or the host can provide a simple meal). Allow time for chatting
  one person introduces the second topic, followed by discussion
  finish with suggestions for next meeting and set the date if not already agreed.

"The Christian Tradition in English Literature"

for students, teachers and all who care about literature - a series of essays exploring the Christian background and implications of literature

shelf of books and a cross

Due for publication in 2006 by Zondervan


meeting ground rules

everyone should be listened to with respect, even if we disagree

no-one should be offended if others disagree; the idea of the meeting is that all ideas can be discussed

Different theological viewpoints are not a bad thing!