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Court Oak Gospel & Culture Forum was set up in 1988 when a group of Christians involved in education met together to encourage each other in their work. They found that many of the issues they faced were common across the science/arts divide, and that the resources for a Christian critique and intellectual engagement with these issues were few.

The work of Lesslie Newbigin provided a model of Christian cultural engagement. With Lesslie's encouragement and support the small group began to meet regularly and discuss an ever-wider range of issues. The Forum now has members in disciplines as varied as medicine, philosophy, literature, music and psychology.

Our main focus is friendly, no-holds-barred discussion. In addition, we invite speakers to address public meetings on matters of interest.

Our members write books and articles stimulated by our discussions and networking. Our current major project is "The Christian Tradition in English Literature".

what's in a name?
Why Court Oak? - one of our original members, Doug Gallaher, was at the time warden of a hostel for people who society often see as 'out of step' with 'mainstream' life and in need of a helping hand.

The name of the hostel was Court Oak House, a name we thought apt for a group of articulate and intelligent Christians whose belief in the gospel of Christ as public truth is often seen in the secular workplace as 'out of step' with current thinking.

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"The Christian Tradition in English Literature"

for students, teachers and all who care about literature - a series of essays exploring the Christian background and implications of literature

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Due for publication in 2006 by Zondervan


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