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Promoting a Christian confidence in learning, science and the arts
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welcome to the website of Court Oak Gospel & Culture Forum

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The Christian gospel has had a profound influence on our culture, past and present. It has shaped the way we think about ourselves and the world, and the way we express those thoughts in research, science, literature, music...

The aims of the Forum are

  • to explore and discuss culture, past and present, from a Christian perspective

  • to develop a Christian mind and confidence in the validity of a Christian approach to culture
  • to inform a wider public and show the relevance of the gospel in this area
  • to stimulate debate on topical issues which is informed and open-minded

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"The Christian Tradition in English Literature"

for students, teachers and all who care about literature - a series of essays exploring the Christian background and implications of literature

Shelf of books and a cross

Due for publication in 2006 by Zondervan


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